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IKILOKIA puppet party without words for the little ones.

The whirly blue monkey is playing with the red ball.The lovely white bird is gliding over the audience.
A little white fish and the red ball merge together.
Ikiloliki: Where blue plays with red and white and red turn into a pink baby.Where the pink baby gets small white wings and a blue pigtail as he flies away with the blue monkey and the white bird.

Patrick Maillard is a talented puppeteer who has already played in several television shows, such as ‘The Big Bad Wolf’, ‘Ketnet Kamil’ and ‘Bumba’. 
He conceived this show especially for his own son Emil and for all those between 2,5 and 5 years old. 
With self made humming music and twinkling melodies the monkey, the baby, the fish and the bird swing across the stage in this surprisingly absurd little story for little people.

A play for smal stages, theaters and even schools.